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I’ve had my kaffu for 12 months now I try and get out on it about twice a week on rivers and in the sea and every time it puts a big smile on my face .
But what really made me email you was last Sunday I went out on a river that I knew had some small rapids on I had to paddle about 1.5 miles to get to them when I got there I played for about a hour (really good fun) then paddled the 1.5 miles back it was then I thought this kayak does it all its a little gem . oh yea and tough to I’ve dragged it across sand , rocks , shingle all sort of stuff yea Ok its got scratches scraps and a few nicks but nothing seems to bother it a really good solid all round kayak .
Keep up the good work!

Robert Palfreyman

Kaafu – A great coarse fishing kayak

“I have to say I was very impressed with the Kaafu it belies it’s price. It is a great flagship for Fatyaks keep it up. My wife and grandson are now asking ” When can we have a go?” :-) It makes a great coarse fishing kayak but it is ‘fun’ too! Well Done.”

Terry Wright

Mahee – Stable, deceptively sleek and spacious

“First a few caveats, because it would be really hard to dislike a kayak when paddling on calm seas under blue skies around the coast of Pembrokeshire while the Pollack are biting (yum!) and the wildlife is plentiful (one inquisitive grey seal and a young sunfish). Having said that, Fatyak’s new Mahee still had to do its job and it didn’t disappoint. Apart from being exquisitely beautiful (I just adore the yellow colour!), it’s very stable, deceptively sleek (we were paddling against the tide on the way out and went a lot further than we were expecting) and very spacious. It’s also not that much heavier than the Kaafu so it’s easily light enough for two people to carry (I even managed to load it on to the car on my own). The storage section at the rear is smaller than that of the Kaafu, but it’s still large enough for a small cool box and the dry storage hatches provide extra storage space. You’re going to find it difficult to circumnavigate Britain with this much storage space, but for days out exploring and fishing, it’s more than enough.”

“Talking of fishing, the fishing rod holders at the front require a little bit of gymnastic flexibility from the forward paddler, but I’ve no idea where else they could go so I’d rather they were there than not present at all. The fishing rod holders at the back are perfectly placed for the rear paddler and, combined with the Mahee’s stability, make it a fabulous platform to fish from. We didn’t catch anything for two or three hours after launching, but we only realised this in retrospect. The Mahee is such a pleasant to be (bearing in mind all the caveats previously mentioned) that time just flew by and it was quite a shock to look at the clock after bagging enough Pollack for dinner to discover just how many hours had passed.”

“In summary then, the Fatyak Mahee is beautiful, practical and comfortable and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending it to anyone thinking of purchasing a two-seater kayak, whether you want to fish from it or not.”

Kind regards, Charis & Matthew

Kaafu – Performed brilliantly on canal, river and sea

“I bought one of your Kaafu kayaks back in May, and I’d just like to say thank you for such a great boat! Despite the lousy weather, I’ve been enjoying it immensely; I’ve tried in on canal, river and sea, and it’s performed brilliantly at all times. You have managed to make a kayak that combines speed, manoeuvrability, stability and comfort, which is quite a feat, and on top of that it’s a great looking boat and exceptionally well made too. I’ve tried a number of other sit-on-tops, and in my opinion the Kaafu is the best all-rounder on the market, and amazing value for money.”

Cliff Smith – another satisfied Fatyak customer!

Kaafu – Superb mouldings and fittings

“The first thing you notice are the superb mouldings and fittings, which are all done to the highest standard. The kayak has sleek and stylish lines with 4 moulded carrying handles and 2 flush mounted rod holders. There are 14 loop style fixtures and each one is securely attached via brass moulded inserts and stainless steel hex bolts.

The cockpit layout is well-designed, with plenty of leg room and easy-to-reach hatches. Each hatch has a moulded-in deep bowl, which is really handy for car keys and mobile phones etc. Most importantly though, they stay dry, no matter how long you’re out on the water.

On the centre console there’s a raised area with thicker plastic, for a Scotty rod mount. In front of that there’s another raised area for mounting a fish finder, if you need one.

The Fatyak Kaafu is a superb kayak with lots of cleverly designed features. During our tests we found it a very dry ride: the hatches were dry and the fixtures were well placed.

The kayak tracked well and paddled really easily too. Plus it’s easy to put on the roof rack, due to the fixed, balanced handles.

This is a very affordable option for kayak anglers and sure to become a favourite.”

Terry Jackson

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“The Kaafu Sit-on-Top Kayak is a fantastic multi-purpose boat. Being lightweight, manoeuvrable and fast, this boat is a great choice for those wanting to enjoy kayaking on flat water, sea, surf or rivers.”

Dan FrenchExmoor Adventures

…well built and extremely stable in the water

“I purchased a Fatyak II from you as a Christmas present for my son. Now that he has had a chance to take it out a few times (you have got to love this mild winter weather), I’d like to tell you how much we like it!

I had been meaning to indulge in a kayak for some time to add to our other water sports equipment. The kayak was purchased to use both in the sea locally and also to take along when we surf further down the coast. We found the fatyak to be very well built and extremely stable in the water.

Several people asked what the kayak was like when we used it in the local harbour on New Year’s day and had a closer look – I did advise them to speak to you – so you could have a few more sales coming your way.

In summary we are delighted, a great product at a very reasonable price point.”

Stephen Rowbottom

“Fatyak kayaks are good value, fun on the beach and in small surf. We tested the basic model in 2009. It was popular with children. A great platform to have fun on.”

Jersey Kayak Adventures.co.uk

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“Heads up for the brand new Fatyak Sea Kayaks which are made in West Somerset and are both great quality and a fantastic price.”

Tim Kevan

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Kaafu – superb kayak with lots of cleverly designed features

“The Fatyak Kaafu is a superb kayak with lots of cleverly designed features. On our tests, we found it a very dry ride; the only water we had in the cockpit area was from paddle drips. The hatches were dry and fixtures well placed.
The kayak tracked well and paddled really easily. This is a very responsive kayak. It’s also very easy to handle and put on the roof rack due to the fixed balanced handles.The recommended retail of the bare kayak is around £300 so this is a very affordable option and sure to become a favourite amongst us kayak anglers.”

North Wales Kayak Fishing.co.uk

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The kayak has proved itself to be up to varied conditions

“I had been looking at getting a kayak for my two sons to use for some time, as we want to use it here in Minehaead and at the North Devon surf beaches. We wanted something versatile enough to use in waves as well as on flat. This kayak has proved itself to be up to these varied conditions everytime we have used it. The Fatyak is proving to be an excellent investment which is robustly constructed, stable, yet, more importantly, easy to use. My eldest son even uses it for fishing from in our home waters of Minehead.

It is a product that has coped with everything my two ambitious sons have thrown at it. Great fum, great product, great design, and I believe great value for money.”

Stuart Reeson

Mahee – Tandem Kayak

I think this is a superb kayak in fact I would go as far to say it is by far the best tandem kayak I have ever paddled the mouldings are superb and everything is within reach lots of flat spaces for additional kitting.

It’s great to see the person at the front get some real comfort and useful console space I spent a fair bit of time paddling this kayak solo and its just as good very nimble and quick for a tandem.

the hull shaping makes it glide through the water the shaped stern pushes away the water making this kayak a very dry ride with all the advantages of this kayak to the angler the bar has been raised this is sure to become the flagship tandem fishing kayak in the UK.”

North Wales Kayak Fishing.co.uk

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